Sparc Office Complex

The Sparc story is an exciting narration of an adventurous client who challenged the Malawian architectural fraternity to dare to dream with him. Mr. Wisely Phiri founder of Sparc System put out a design challenge in December, 2016. Upon a 2hr presentation of scope of possibilities aligned to the client’s brief, Team Pakwathu was appointed as the project architects.

For Team Pakwathu, the challenge was centered on the balance between the clients’ present needs versus future proofing the building yet creating an architectural piece that would represent the explosive Sparc Systems’ corporate identity. The result was a versatile 6 storey office complex and lifestyle centre that houses up-market work spaces, formal IT training facilities and a data bank; as well as wellness facilities such as a gym, a restaurant, roof top saunas, a swimming pool & an entertainment area. The building has playful facades that presents as if in a state of flux yet carefully controlled elements are utilised, mimicking the cutting edge and ever-changing Information Technology world in which Sparc operates. The building is still under construction with occupation set for early 2022.

Team Pakwathu had previously worked on Zodiak Broadcasting Station House in 2012 Before the Sparc Office Complex and since then, we have go on to design the 34 Storeys Nico Holding Twin Tower Concept, 6 storery Fatch Office Complex and 6 storey Saba House. Team Pakwathu remains a proudly Malawian Design Team that still seeks to push design boundaries and transform the Malawian City Scape.

As stated in the Pakwathu Concepts Company Profile, change is inevitable and Pakwathu represents a consistent sense of architectural design belonging, which translates into a strong sense of design innovation with ownership and a committed approach to development with a clear understanding that the heart of every city is pumped with life through its architecture. As we grow our architectural practice, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of our Nation-Malawi through both Government and Private partnerships.

  • Client: Sparc Office Complex
  • Date: 07-Jul-21
  • Category: Commercial & Retail
  • Location: Area 13, Lilongwe