Nico Holding Concept

As part of our business development we take the initiative to design various building and scout for interested developers, and in this particular instance, we are proud to present a Nico Holdings; 34 Storeys Twin Tower concept for your consideration. As stated by Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” 

Imagine Nico Holding at the frontier of high rise building in Malawi! Imagine the tallest building in Malawi with Nico Holdings written on it! Imagine all Nico Companies under one roof! Pakwathu has taken a step to nourish this pool of imagination.

Twin Tower Facilities:

  • 6 Levels underground parking, 3 parking levels above ground on Levels 0, 1 & 2
  • Level 0-NBS bank drive through banking facility
  • Roof garden above Level 2 with restaurants, and NBS Banking Hall & Nico Life Insurance
  • Service Centre.
  • Twin towers to house office space from Levels 3 through to Level 34
  • Linked with a sky cross bridge on Levels 7 and 29 & Helipad on Level 31

This is the elevated futuristic vision of Lilongwe, and Pakwathu Concepts is ready to venture such chartered levels with Nico Holdings.

  • Client: Nico Holding Concept
  • Date: 19-Feb-21
  • Category: Commercial & Retail
  • Location: